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Celestial Being (ソレスタルビーイング, Soresutarubīingu) is a paramilitary group founded by Aeolia Schenberg in the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The group was formed for the purpose of eradicating all forms of war and conflict on Earth through their armed interventions. They used the mobile weapons, called Gundams, which used the GN-Technology Aeolia had postulated 2 centuries ago, to perform their operations worldwide.


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Even though it was mostly the Gundam Meisters and Ptolemaios Crew that were shown in the series, there are also other members of Celestial Being working from behind the scenes that helped out in pushing on the organization's interest. There are the also the support crew, the agents, and the observers.

Gundam Meisters
The Gundam Meisters act as the military units of the organization, piloting the mobile weapons, the Gundams. They also have different task in the organizations, such as agents, and test pilots.
Support Crews
They consist of technicians, engineers and tactical supports that help in organizing the organizations' operations, such as preparing the Gundams, simulation testing and creating a mission plan.
The agents were mainly responsible in gathering and providing intelligence for the organization. Their data are important for Veda and tactical supports while planning on Celestial Being's actions.
There are group of people behind the shadows who gather anonymously to state their opinion between Celestial Being and world matters. They consist of well-known people and those from families of Celestial Being observers. They could exert a veto over an issue by reaching a consensus.


Celestial Being is divided into a few cell of groups that function to carry out some of the organization's operations.

Ptolemaios Crew
The group consist of the crew of the Celestial Being ship, the Ptolemaios. They are the ones who were mostly shown in the series.
Fereshte Crew
The group is led by agent Chall Acustica. Their prupose is to act as support and clean-up crew to the main group, the Ptolemaios.
Team Trinity
The groups consist of mysterious group of Gundam Meisters, who were receiving mission plans from Laguna Harvey. They were considered legitimate members of Celestial Being by the Observers.


Celestial Being's purpose was to eradicate all conflicts on the planet. They adhere to Aeolia Schenberg's ideology and follows the plan he had outlined 2 centuries before the story timeline. Aeolia's Plan was divided into 3 phase, the unification of the world, the unification of human will, and the preparation for the dialogues that are to come.