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Earth Sphere Federation (地球連邦, Chikyuurenpou), also known as ESF, is the fictional world government in the anime, Mobile Suit Gudam 00. The ESF is the successor to the United Nations and was formed in A.D. 2311 through the amalgamation of 328 countries under one entity.

In A.D. 2312, The collective government has control over the 3 Orbital Elevator and monopoly over the solar furnace technology, and with such, the standard of living of the people was better. However, the gap between the Federation and non-member countries widened, and the ESF's massive movement to use military might to control and reconstruct these countries caused the emergence of Katharon and other resistance movements. The resulting poverty and war outside the ESF territory were also hidden from the public eye through Veda. The top leaders of the ESF have also become puppets to Ribbons Almark's rule, which made the ESF a dictatorship under the Innovators. After Ribbons' fall, the new regime, under a new president, led the way for appeasement with the non-member countries and the continuing disarmament of the military.

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The Earth Sphere Federation Army, also known as Earth Sphere Federation Peacekeeping Forces (地球連邦平和維持軍, Chikyuurenpou Heiwaijigun) is the army created by the ESF in A.D. 2312 to act as the world military, to dissolve the countries' individual armies and and lead the way to true unity.

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