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Fon Spaak
Name: Fon Spaak
Japanese: フォン・スパーク
Real Name: Robert Stad Jr.
Alias: Fon Spaak
Traitor A13
Genetic Type: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 13 (00PS2)
18 (00F)
23 (00I)
Nationality: Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations
Family: Robert Stad, Sr. (father, deceased)
Prev. Affiliation: Fereshte (00F)
Advanced European Union (00PS2)
Prev. Occupation: Mercenary (00PS2)
Designation: Gundam Meister (retired)
Mobile Weapon: Agrissa Type 7 (00PS2)
AEU Hellion Medium (00PS2)
AEU Hellion (00F)
Gundam Astraea Type-F (00F/00I)
Gundam Astraea Type-F2 (00F)
Gundam Sadalsuud Type-F (00F)
Gundam Abulhool Type-F (00F)
Gundam Plutone (00F)

Fon Spaak (フォン・スパーク, Fon Spaku) is one of the main protagonists in the manga, Mobile Suit Gundam 00F. Fon also appeared in the novel, Mobile Suit Gundam 00P, and in the manga, Mobile Suit Gundam 00I. Fon is a Gundam Meister working for Celestial Being's Fereshte. He was originally a mercenary working for the AEU. After Fereshte, he created his own faction, which lets him perform armed operations under his own accord.