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Gundam Meisters (above) with their corresponding Gundams below

Gundam Meister (ガンダムマイスター Gandamumaisutā) is a title given to those pilots appointed by Veda and Celestial Being to operate the humanoid mobile weapons called Gundams in the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and side stories. They are carefully selected to carry on missions and the ideology of Celestial Being.

The nature of the recruitment varies, depending on the situation and the current phase on Aeolia's Plan, but most of the time Veda still oversees the process. A candidate doesn't need to be completely loyal to Celestial Being's ideals to be selected as a Meister, as the factors that are mostly considered are the pilot's dependability, skills and sense of duty. To add, the people recruited for the position mostly came from different backgrounds and have different reasons for joining Celestial Being. However, despite the seemingly tolerant handling on the Meister selection, Veda still ensures that they don't betray the organization. Those people with mysterious and criminal backgrounds were given explosive collars that could detonate upon the person's insubordination.

Despite being a Gundam pilot in general, the specific task of each Gundam Meisters are different from another; their task mainly depends on how their Gundams are needed in the scope of Celestial Being's plan. The First and Second Generation Gundams were mostly used for testing and refining the Gundam's combat capabilities, for example, hence their Gundam Meisters were mostly active in development sector of the organization. The Third Generation Meisters, as seen in the series, are responsible in Celestial Being's armed operations. Most of these task are assigned by Veda itself.

There are two main groups of Gundam Meisters; the Innovade group and the Human group. Despite being from the same organization, the groups' development early on were hidden from each other by Veda to observe both team's factors, independent from each other's influence. The results of this were used in forming the Third Generation of Gundam Meisters.

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