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Innovades in their incubation pods

Innovades (イノベイド, Inobeido) are genetically engineered humans created by Veda and Celestial Being for the purpose of completing Aeolia Schenberg's Plan. They posses abilities that mimic those of the pure bred Innovators, who are the ones predicted by Aeolia to be the next evolution of human species.

The Innovades have impressive set of skills and features. They have bodies that are made for living in space thanks to nanomachines. These nanomachines also controls their aging, as they appear to not age despite living for more than 50 years. Their body have aptitude for combat, as most of them have the skills to pilot mobile suits. They also have reflexes enhanced due to their Quantum Brainwaves. It was also thanks to Quantum Brainwaves that they could connect to Veda and access to hundreds of information worldwide in just a short time. Due to this ability, they have adapted to advanced skills in sorting information and multi-tasking. They also show some trace of spatial awareness, like those from Innovators'.

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