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Innovator Setsuna with his glowing irises

Innovators (イノベイター, Inobeitā), also referred to as New Human (新人類, Shinjinrui), is the next step in human evolution according to Aeolia Schenberg in the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The Innovators are people with developed Quantum Brainwaves, enabling them to have enhanced reflex, spatial awareness and telepathic abilities. They also posses the power of precognition and their kind is said to live twice the human lifespan. The evolution of humans into Innovators are established by having contact with exotic GN-Particles, which stimulate Quantum Brainwaves and initiate their development. Symbiotic relationship with the Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape Shifters (ELS) also accelerates the process of evolution.

The Innovators hold a special place in Aeolia's Plan, as they are the ones that would initiate the unification of human will, which would make way to a world with less conflict (and its eventual elimination). They are also the ones who are said to have means to communicate with other life form, all thanks to their telepathic abilities.


During the Innovator War, after the ELS Conflict, the Old Humans, who opposed the Innovators, genetically engineered their soldiers to pilot the mobile weapon Gadelazas in combat. These Pseudo-Innovators were brought about by using the technologies which were used to develop Super Soldiers in the past.

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