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Katharon Forces with their signature blue-coloured Mobile Suits

Katharon (カタロン, Kataron) is a faction in the Second Season of the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Katharon is the leading anti-Earth Sphere Federation (ESF) group in A.D. 2312. Its primary goal is to fight against the misgivings of ESF, which used oppressive policies and terror to subdue non-member nations and world government dissidents, and eventually topple the tyrant regime. The group's beginnings could be traced back to A.D. 2309, when the United Nations Forces started its aggressive operations in pursue of its world unification plan. The Katharon used outdated mobile weapons that the three Superpowers (Union, HRL, and AEU) used back from A.D. 2307. Due to their inferior combat technology, the group mostly rely on hit-and-run tactics and guerrilla warfare to fight. During Celestial Being's return in A.D. 2312, Katharon became one of the paramilitary group's top supporters in fighting against the A-Laws.

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