Azadistan Castle Grounds

Kingdom of Azadistan (アザディスタン王国, Azadeisutan Oukoku) is a fictional country in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Azadistan is a Middle Eastern Kingdom located between the real-life Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf. Years before the current anime storyline (before A.D. 2307), Azadistan was one of the exporters of oil in the world. However, with the UN's embargo on oil exports in pursuit of solar energy, Azadistan's economy began to crumble. This has caused the country to be plunged into political and civil unrest. In A.D. 2301, the country invaded the Republic of Krugis and eventually reinstated the monarchy as figurehead of the state. Princess Royal Marina Ismail is the appointed head of the country.

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