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Simple scale diagram of Orbital Elevator

Orbital Elevator (軌道エレベーター, Kidou Erebētā) is a huge man-made structure built on Earth's Equator present in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

In the anime, it is the largest structure in human history, reaching 50,000 km in height. At its 35,000 km altitude, Solar power satellites were built to provide power to the ground below, replacing fossil fuels as the primary source of energy on Earth. The elevator extends from the ground, but only as a foundation to Earth as its massive mass could not be supported; high orbital rings installed on 10,000 km and 35,000 km altitudes provide stability and the ballast satellites installed on top of them provide counterweight to the structure. In addition to the tube that sends electric energy, there are also linear trains that go back and forth inside the elevator, going from the ground to the space stations above. It is a popular attraction, as many sight-seers go visit the train station to travel to the ground and space everyday. Electromagnetic nets were active to protect the structure and its orbital rings from debris, and shock absorbers were installed to absorb impact from possible debris collision. The Station also has a Defense System installed which Seals Off every Entrances of the Tower and activating Hidden Ceilling Mounted Guns in the Corridors of the Structure to ward of intruders. The defenses were Seen repelling Automatons deployed by A-Laws in the Federation Coup

There are three orbital elevator present: Union's "Tower", AEU's "La Tour", and HRL's "Tenchu". In Season 1, the La Tour was only one left unfinished among the three. In Season 2, all of the elevators were placed under the management of the Earth Sphere Federation; La Tour was renamed as "Africa Tower". Since they are properties of mankind in general, international treaties prohibited attacks on orbital elevators and on its orbital rings. In Second Season, the A-Laws broke the treaty and attacked the Africa Tower using Memento Mori 2, causing the "Break Pillar Incident".

Inside the elevator, there are also secret Celestial Being factories, which were used in developing and manufacturing Mobile Suit.


  1. Union's Tower (タワー, Tawā) - is situated near the border of the modern-day states of Brazil and Colombia within the Amazon Basin. Completed in A.D. 2297.
  2. HRL's Tenchu (天柱, Tenchū), later renamed as "Asia Tower" (アジアタワー, Ajia Tawā) - is situated on an artificial island near the real-life nation of Nauru, north of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Completed in A.D. 2297.
  3. AEU's La Tour (ラ・トゥール, Ra Toūru), later renamed as "Africa Tower" (アフリカタワー, Afurika Tawā) - is situated west of Lake Victoria, near the border of the real-life African states of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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