Quantum Brainwaves (脳量子波, Nou Ryoushi nami) is a fictional term in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It is a special kind of brainwaves utilized by Super Soldiers, Innovades, and pure-bred Innovators. It primarily contributes in increasing spatial cognition, ability to avoid attacks, reflex capability, etc., overall enhancing one's combat power.


The concept of surrounding quantum brainwaves was first discovered by Aeolia Schenberg while studying the properties of GN Particles. The presence of saturated particles creates a new state of awareness, coinciding with the presence of a peculiar wave activity in the brain, coined as Quantum Brainwave. This new state of awareness includes advanced spatial cognition and telepathic ability to sense human emotions. Aeolia postulated that "pure" GN Particles can further enhanced these abilities and prolonged exposure to them could eventually initiate an evolution of an individual to a higher state of human being. Aeolia termed these beings as Innovators.

The concept of artificially integrating quantum brainwaves have been later implemented on the creation of the Innovades, who have been genetically engineered for the purpose of the Aeolia's Plan. Separately, the Human Reform League came up with the concept of "Super Soldiers", a group of soldiers with ideal built and reflexes. To achieve this, the HRL scientists from Super Human Research Institute came up with an idea to heighten the brain's ability to read and analyze information. This allow one to tap on their super human level reflexes and spatial cognition, and reach incredible efficiency in combat. The scientists used children as test subjects and surgically alter their brains to initiate quantum brain activity. In the late 23rd Century, the Super Human Research Institute was yet to produce subjects with desirable results. The institution was closed down in 2308 AD, in light of the scandal of using children as test subjects.

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