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Ralph Eifman
Name: Ralph Eifman
Japanese: レイフ・エイフマン
Genetic Type: Human
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 29
Age: 73 (Season 1, KIA)
Nationality: Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations
Affiliation: Overflags
Union International University
Occupation: Professor
Designation: Chief Technologist (Overflag)
Voiced by: Takaya Hashi (Japanese)
Ron Halder (English)

Professor Ralph Eifman (レイフ・エイフマン, Reifu Eifuman) is a fictional character in the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Professor Eifman is a known scientist if the Union, being an expert in Mobile Suit Technology and Quantum Physics among the fields. He heads the technology department of the Union's Overflag during the Celestial Being's armed interventions.