Republic of Moralia (モラリア共和国, Moraria Kyouwakoku) is a fictional country in the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It is a country in Southern Europe, surrounded by France and the Mediterranean Sea. Moralia was founded around A.D. 2284. It is a small country consisting of a population of 180,000 people. Despite the size, 3 million foreign workers are working in the country (by A.D. 2307) and the private military groups and mercenaries dominate the economy.

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PMC Trust (PMCトラスト, PMC Torasuto) also known as Private Military Company (民間軍事会社, Minkan Gunji Kaisha) is the leading mercenary company in Republic of Moralia. It accounts for 20 percent of the 4 thousand private companies in the country. They deal with mercenary deployments, training of soldiers, weapons transport and development, and logistical support. [1]

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