Allelujah and Hallelujah as Super Soldier

Super Soldiers (超兵, Chou Hei) is a term given to genetically engineered humans that Human Reform League (HRL) Super Human Research Institute developed from the shadows in the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. As the name suggest, they are batch of humans made and engineered in hopes of making an ideal soldier for the HRL military. Most of the subjects that are experimented upon for this project are orphaned children. As of 2307 A.D. (Season 1), the institute has yet to make the ideal Super Soldier to their liking, but there have been some who have produced desirable results, which are enough for them to be deployed in combat. Super Soldiers have artificial Quantum Brainwaves implanted within them, giving them quick reflexes. They also have trained bodies for combat, giving them super strength and endurance. They are implanted with nanomachines in their body, for them to maintain fitness and their physiology, especially in space.

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