Team Trinity

Team Trinity: (from left to right) Nena Trinity, Johann Trinity, Michael Trinity

Team Trinity (チーム・トリニティ, Chīmu Torinitei) is a group of Gundam Meisters in the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The group consists of siblings, called Trinity, who were made by the Corner Faction to act as their personal Gundam Meisters in their quest to take over Aeolia's Plan. The Trinity was genetically engineered using Ribbons Almark's Innovade cells, which granted the siblings with some Innovade abilities; with them having an aptitude to pilot GN Mobile Suits and with Nena Trinity being able to connect to Veda.

The team first appeared during the Taklamakan Operation, saving the Ptolemaios' Gundam Meisters from being captured by the three Superpowers. Despite the mystery behind their origins, the Celestial Being Observers vetoed for the group to be considered as legitimate Gundam Meisters and members of Celestial Being. Team Trinity's violent operations against military bases and factories around the world catalyzed the world unification, completing the first phase of Aeolia's Plan. The group was later hunted by United Nations forces and was disbanded after two of the siblings, Johan and Michael Trinity, were killed by mercenary Ali al-Saachez somewhere in the Atlantic.

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