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Topological Defect (トポロジカル・ディフェクト( 位相欠陥 ), Toporojikaru Deifekuto (Isou Kekkan)) is the core component of the original GN Drive power-plant in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It is the one responsible why the solar furnace does not run out of fuel and operates almost perpetually. The topological defect can only be obtained from outer space, making the original GN Drives difficult to manufacture.

The GN Drives are made in Jupiter. The green lights around the gas giant are the space stations containing particle accelerators, which are used to recover Topological Defects

Particle accelerator is plunged into the centre of Jupiter and sped-up on a topological defect source, activating a state before the phase transition ("Cosmic Egg") under high-energy and high gravity of Jupiter. With the activated topological defect field, the release of unlimited GN Particles becomes possible (to be exact, it brings about mass collapse of baryons, from which GN Particles are then made). It is recovered and, for it not to collapse, sealed in a special container (TD Blanket), which is then made into a GN Drive by adding particle control mechanism.

Topological Defect is often mistranslated as "To-'Ropo'-gical Defect" (ト'ロポ'ジカル・ディフェクト, Toropojikaru Deifekuto) in animation and other media. In respect to this, TD Blanket is often referred to as "TR Plunket".

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