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Trans-Am System

Trans-Am System (トランザムシステム, Toranzamu Shisutemu) is a fictional system feature that GN Drives posses in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Trans-Am is a system originally built in the original GN Drives. The system unleashes at once all of the compressed particles inside the Mobile Suit, increasing its performance and capabilities by three times. The Mobile Suit in Trans-Am has its armour glow in bright pinkish red hue, with excited particles shrouding the Mobile Suit; increasing its armour's defense and giving it afterimages when it moves. Despite its benefits, the system is a double-edge sword. The process consumes too much particles that the Mobile Suit is drained after only 3 minutes the system was activated, rendering it weakened and vulnerable in the process.

The system was first developed by Celestial Being founder Aeolia Schenberg and was secretly integrated into the GN Drives during their creation. It wasn't touched until A.D. 2308, when Alejandro Corner took over Veda and shot Aeolia in his cryogenic sleep, which all happened in the latter half of the First Season. The event triggered a system trap, which gave Celestial Being access to Trans-Am in all of their GN Drives. The system gave the group an edge during United Nation's offensive against them in Lagrange 1.

Gundam Exia in Trans-Am

During the 4 year time-skip, Celestial Being developed the 3.5 Generation Gundams around the concept of taking advantage of Trans-Am. They were also able to improve the system so that it could be halted before the 3 minute time-limit, enabling the Gundams to operate normally after using it. The Trans-Am also led the way to the development of Twin Drive System on the 00 Gundam. Celestial Being's Ptolemy II could also use the system by itself, but it could only work for a short period of time.

In Second Season, Billy Katagiri was able to develop the system independently using the old notes from his late mentor, Ralph Eifman. He would integrate the system to GNX-U02X Masurao and later to GNX-Y901TW Susanowo. During the last episodes, the Innovators was able to get access to the system from Celestial Being thanks to intel provided by the Innovade spy, Anew Returner. Ribbons Almark would invite Billy to implement the system to all of their combat Mobile Suits in preparation for their upcoming battle in Lagrange 2.

After the defeat of the A-Laws and Innovators, the Earth Sphere Federation Army would manage to get hold of the Trans-Am system, utilizing it to all of their Mobile Suits and Space Support Units by A.D. 2314. As seen in the Movie, the ESF soldiers could also activate Trans-Am to initiate self-destruct sequence, used for last ditch resorts in combat.